Master of Artistry Totally Tuesday

The extravagant gesture is the very stuff of creation. Annie DillardMaster of ArtistryI relished bright costumes full of patent pizzazzSkirts and dresses of sparkling jazzWonderful, fantastic, delightful arrayThe sweetest conceptions of  a "dizzy-land" day.However so darling, creative, and brightStill cannot compare to the crafter of lightWho amazes us daily with gorgeous designs,The face of the earth... Continue Reading →

Hidden Beauty

Hidden BeautyYou will find treasures thereIn the bosom of a rose—In a tulip’s heartInside the flesh of a lily, a trillium, an iris,A zinnia, all bound upTreasures finer than pure gold Like gemstonesNestled among velvet wrappings Hidden deep inside untilThe sky's heat-lamp warms it;Rain caresses, Coaxes petals back; Colors some out to singThe real flower is unearthed.People rush along—hurry—hiddenSwallowed by coats and sweaters;Fleeing a... Continue Reading →


Graceful dogwoodEach of four petals scared with red like the cross of Jesus. How can the sky be such a perfect blue? Dogwood  flowers like waxen crosses. Centered with a green crownPrecious heart shaped petals whiter than snow and speaking God's love at Easter.

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