Fire from Chainsaw to Stove

“A fire in the woodstove on a cold clear day, on a rain drenched storming night or on a frosty snow day is a mighty comfort to the body and to the soul.”c e hollis Trees––how I love them! I grew up in my daddy's world. He was a forester and tree farmer. I knew... Continue Reading →

Calving Season on the Farm

“To live on a farm is to know renewal, restoration, new life, new beginnings.” It is calving season on the farm and now we check our cows several times a day to see who is close. We watch for signs of milk coming in. A full bag and a mama cow who keeps to herself... Continue Reading →

The Chicken Coop Coup

“ There's nothing will teach you responsibility like owning a pet or becoming a parent.”c e hollis Chicks peeping from their home in a cardboard box on hay with a warming light hung above them. They occupied my farmhouse mudroom one spring. They had to be watched over and tended inside until they grew large... Continue Reading →

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