Cats and Kittens

Brenna and Stewart love to pet the cats and rest on the porch swing.The new kittens.Queen Elizabeth the mother cat.This one's a handful. So are these.Six in all, some striped, some black and white, some mixed.

Fishing Fun!

Mr. Dolan's watershed lake is a favorite fishing spot. He free-heartedly allows us to come and bring friends to fish there. It is a shady peaceful spot. The Parks family visited us last weekend and we all went down to fish. The crappie and the white perch were biting. Everything went along fine. It was hot... Continue Reading →

Don’t Fence Me In

This little donkey stood watching me pass and she seemed to be considering how she might escape her pasture. I don't know, maybe she felt safe inside and  only wondered where all of us fools were headed when there was security, sunshine and plenty of green grass.I love to ride through the country and see... Continue Reading →

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