Don’t Fence Me In

This little donkey stood watching me pass and she seemed to be considering how she might escape her pasture. I don't know, maybe she felt safe inside and  only wondered where all of us fools were headed when there was security, sunshine and plenty of green grass.I love to ride through the country and see... Continue Reading →

Snow Bell

The Noble SnowbellThe farm bell froze in place during the last winter storm. Ice coated the pull rope and snow formed a dome on the housing. Icicles hung from the rim. The bell would not ring.The grandchildren love our farm bell. We let them have a chance to sound it to call Grandpa in from... Continue Reading →

A Field Trip to a Farm

This winter we visited a llama ranch in Beggs, Oklahoma. What a sight the shaggy llamas were!They seemed curious but aloof toward us. I suppose they were hoping for handouts and finding we had none to offer decided to snub us. The llamas came in all colors brown, tan, white, black, and speckled or spotted... Continue Reading →

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