Spring Days

"I love Your spring wind, Lord....Its bright prancing. It makes me want to dance too, to roll a hoop, throw confetti, gather armloads of flowers."Marjorie Holmes A Painted Bunting I love the birds in spring. Buntings, cardinals, titmice, Carolina chickadees, Jays, meadowlarks, nuthatches, and robins are beautiful to see. Their chatter, whistles, and calls fill... Continue Reading →

Shadows and Reflections

Bunny rabbit in snow garden I saw a rabbit in the garden . The horses seemed just a bit bothered by the snowfall. Above the snow the treetops were black lace against the gray sky. Everything else was white . Cardinal on a branch Everyone delighted to see cardinals on the white snow. I counted... Continue Reading →

Winter and Amaryllis

A Merry heart does good like medicine. The snow fell softly and laid down a thin white carpet. It piled up atop fence posts and bird feeders, tree branches, and the backs of the cows and horses. They came for Christmas--a gift from Mr. Hollis-- dreary kittle pots of dark soil. Each pot with a... Continue Reading →

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