The Promise of Peonies

“We are a people in need of promise, in need of hope, in need of miracles. We are a people hungry for God, to see His hand, to hear His voice, to know Him.”c e hollis There is nothing that makes us feel more alive than finding a flower blooming, hearing the cry of a... Continue Reading →

Farm Animals to Love

“Sweet animal faces we grow to love whether pets or livestock. They make the farm a place full of life.” There is nothing quite as endearing as a baby animal's face. We love them––from calves to colts, chicks and kittens, puppies and bunnies. It is easy to love a newbie, but what about later when... Continue Reading →

Petunia Power

“The power of petunia is the power to delight and to bring joy out of simplicity. True friends are like that.”c e hollis A trumpet that grows in all colors to delight the heart and the eye. Petunias are an old flower and beloved by many. They are a hardy plant but fragile and sweet.... Continue Reading →

Home Baking Day

“When Jesus walked the earth He knew the power of sharing food. He knew that breaking bread—sitting together for a meal—built relationships and strong kinship.”c e hollis Cinnamon Scones are a quick bread and add some glamour just by their name to a tea time or a cup of coffee with friends. Here is how... Continue Reading →

Garden Time on the Farm

“One plants, one waters, another pulls weeds. The sun shines. God gives the increase.”c e hollis Heirloom Tomatoes We start early when seed catalogues come in the mail and we drool through the pages, making lists, and dreaming of how neat and full and wonderful the vegetable garden will be this year. Oh yes we... Continue Reading →

Things I Loved When a Child

“How fast childhood passes and memories are what we cling to in our later years, and how few and fleeting those memories. They are to be treasured.”c e hollis My daddy. I thought he was the greatest hero, the best, sweetest, smartest and most good looking of all daddies. I'm still pretty sure I was... Continue Reading →

Roses on Barbed Wire

“Barbed wire connects us like prayer, separates us like punctuation, defines us like our words, and supports us like a father’s hand.”c e hollis I love barbed wire fences. They run along the ranch land enclosing pastures of cattle, horses, and fields of hay and wildflowers. Scissortail flycatchers and meadowlarks, phoebes, and mockingbirds sit atop... Continue Reading →

Early Summer Farm Days

“When God created Adam, He set him to be the first farmer in the beautiful Garden of Eden. Man didn't want the job. So sad.”c e hollis Life on the farm is a coveted lifestyle these days. Many city dwellers dream of the peaceful independent life of a farmer and his wife. They dream of... Continue Reading →

The Field Flowers

“From palest pinks and yellows to deepest reds and purples God enbues all the world with color to delight our eyes, to show His wonder and His glory and to say He cares.” The iris raise stems like arrows from their green sword leaves. The buds are arrowheads of color. Like the pointy tips of... Continue Reading →

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