Pecan Harvest

We can plant and water but only God gives the harvest.c e hollis Fifteen years ago we planted about 300 pecan trees. We watched them grow and waited. We grafted them with good cultivars and we waited. We pruned and waited. We fertilized and waited. There was a lot of waiting and a lot of... Continue Reading →

Fall Roses

Promises comes in on a cool wind—autumn arrives just into time. c e hollis Her first cool days are so welcome. A drop of few degrees in temperatures from the nineties to the eighties feels like spring on the first warm day! A breeze from the north rustles the already spent leaves; those hanging on... Continue Reading →

The Seasons Change

As the earth spins the seasons change us. Amaryllis in Spring Amaryllis~~ red and white bloom in the warmth of the house while winter cold lingers and the new year begins. Our souls have taken to comfort food, fuzzy blankets and woodstove fires. Then a flower opens and it is spring. White amaryllis Tomatoes, carrots,... Continue Reading →

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