Learning to Run

Riah and her mama Nip "Summer comes and the babies of spring grow."c e hollis What does a horse want but to run, to race the wind, and to hear his hooves drum. This little filly, Riah, was up and walking within minutes of her birth. Soon she was chasing shadows and wisps of wind.... Continue Reading →

Spring Days

"I love Your spring wind, Lord....Its bright prancing. It makes me want to dance too, to roll a hoop, throw confetti, gather armloads of flowers."Marjorie Holmes A Painted Bunting I love the birds in spring. Buntings, cardinals, titmice, Carolina chickadees, Jays, meadowlarks, nuthatches, and robins are beautiful to see. Their chatter, whistles, and calls fill... Continue Reading →

Shadows and Reflections

Bunny rabbit in snow garden I saw a rabbit in the garden . The horses seemed just a bit bothered by the snowfall. Above the snow the treetops were black lace against the gray sky. Everything else was white . Cardinal on a branch Everyone delighted to see cardinals on the white snow. I counted... Continue Reading →

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