Grandma’s Desk

“There is something wonderful about a desk where words have been set down and worked. Yes, something beautiful!”c e hollis This old desk is mine now. It has been in my parent's home since I can remember. It was grandmother Cleo's desk before that. Cleo Robinson Brink was the grandmother I am named after. I... Continue Reading →

Reds of Summer

“When summer wans, its sun still warms our hearts and feeds our souls. ”c e hollis Tomatoes fresh from my garden or from Farmer's market are sliced on a plate with every supper. many go into jars and they line the pantry shelves where they will make great stews and soups and spaghetti sauce. A... Continue Reading →

The Chicken Coop Coup

“ There's nothing will teach you responsibility like owning a pet or becoming a parent.”c e hollis Chicks peeping from their home in a cardboard box on hay with a warming light hung above them. They occupied my farmhouse mudroom one spring. They had to be watched over and tended inside until they grew large... Continue Reading →

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