Back to School

The nights become cooler; there are the first touches of frost; the foliage on the hills turns to crimson, gold and bronze; mist and rain begin to fall and the earth prepares for winter. Phillip Keller It was still dark when Mama routed us out of our warm beds for school. It was September—chilly and... Continue Reading →

Dog Days of Summer

The porch swing hangs heavy. The potted plants sigh; But none is so hot or So weary as I. The music of crickets, The buzz of the fly Is droning unanswered Tired and dry. The sun on the garden Has dried every leaf The vines are all withered Gone summer's feast. The Queen Anne has... Continue Reading →

Summer’s End

"With deep-watered roots we never lack--no matter how hot and dry the summer." Wayne Jacobsen Clouds skid across the sky until the sun is hidden and all the blue is filled with blue and gray. Wind blows from the north and it comes in gusts and jerks. The trees seem to be confused about it... Continue Reading →

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