The Sky is Falling

Autumn came and is leaving on her way--dropping her dried notes to the ground. Light a fire against her cold and watch the sky--the wonderful wonderful sky. c e hollis Fall has come and the leaves have colored and fallen--turning and tumbling to the ground. Some cartwheel across the browning grass and catch in the... Continue Reading →

Fall in Oklahoma

"When the leaves turn and tumble to the ground to blanket the earth before the cold, we are amazed at their colorful beauty. Would I be so lovely in my autumn years" c e hollis The hummingbirds have heard the mysterious sound. They have seen a light or felt a rhythm that has told them... Continue Reading →

A Taste of Home

"Home is more about people than it is about place." Quoted by Craig Hobbs I got a haunting sense of home one day. I tasted something and it took me back. I was in my daughter Audra's kitchen watching her young and skillful hands preparing supper for the family. She was busy. Audra is a... Continue Reading →

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