The Promise of Peonies

“We are a people in need of promise, in need of hope, in need of miracles. We are a people hungry for God, to see His hand, to hear His voice, to know Him.”c e hollis There is nothing that makes us feel more alive than finding a flower blooming, hearing the cry of a... Continue Reading →

Orchids and Botanics

When winter clings cold and windy here in Oklahoma and the flowerbeds are resting, I find flowers wherever I may. This weekend we went to the Myriad Gardens in Oklahoma City. Inside the huge glass cylindrical greenhouse palm trees grow. Birds fly about. A bright green parrot sits and watches us. Lizards skitter here and... Continue Reading →

A Letter Home

Take a look at the past. There are joys there to be remembered.c e hollis Dear Daddy, As the old red pickup trundled past and down the road to where the trees on either side seemed to gobble it in their overhanging branches, I stood watching and my mind ran back to another time and... Continue Reading →

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