The Seasons Change

As the earth spins the seasons change us. Amaryllis in Spring Amaryllis~~ red and white bloom in the warmth of the house while winter cold lingers and the new year begins. Our souls have taken to comfort food, fuzzy blankets and woodstove fires. Then a flower opens and it is spring. White amaryllis Tomatoes, carrots,... Continue Reading →

When Autumn Comes

“We live in a world that is constantly changing so we too must change.” When autumn comes the days will be shorter. There will be cool days when the wind is cold and from the north. Fall is so so welcome and wonderful. Leaves will tremble in the breeze stutter and pull loose. They will... Continue Reading →

The Sunny Sky

He feeds us with a generous hand and a merciful heart. C E HOLLIS Tomatoes and peppers from the garden on a summer day. The heat and bright sun ripens the vegetables. I gather them into a basket and slice them into a platter for supper. Peas for shelling in a bushel basket. Picking them... Continue Reading →

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