What Farmers Eat

“Food from the farm is all comfort food. It is the only kind farm wives cook.” c.e. hollis A blueberry pie, or apple, or pecan, or a chicken pot pie, a peach pie, or lemon merangue. The farmer loves pies especially a la mode with ice cream! This farmer loves ice cream of all flavors.... Continue Reading →

Wind in the Treetops

“As summer fades our souls relax and prepare for the resting time of winter.” c.e.hollis The wind chimes hung on the porch are jingling in the gusts. The kitten is playing in the lawn chair. The lazy cows are grazing in the shade taking turns at the water trough. The cicadas are trailing their song... Continue Reading →

Summer Days with Grands

“Summer, Summer, Summer. It sweeps up over your soul like a slow wave and feeds you on sunshine, watermelon, corn on the cob, and fresh tomatoes and then quite suddenly, it is gone.” In summer the grandkids come and we have suddenly not enough room at the dinner table, not enough bread and milk, not... Continue Reading →

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