"Time does not stick around long, and therefore I do not want to waste a single moment of it." Ingrid Trobisch Pink might be my favorite orchid color. It seems a deeper fuller shade of pink than I normally find in potted flower plants. The petals are dotted with tiny freckles of pink. They are... Continue Reading →

Suddenly it is Autumn

"I love how the air changes...you can feel it, you can smell it, and suddenly it is autumn." Melody Lee Autumn has arrived heralded by sunflowers. Every ditch is dressed with them. Every field is spread with them. They are a favorite with the fall lovers. Their sunny faces smile up at the sun. They... Continue Reading →

Pecan Pie Time

" There is almost no distress or trauma that a pecan pie cannot cure." c e hollis Pecan season is not quite here, but we are beginning to look in that direction. The pecans are at the filling stage. The liquid inside the wooden shell (inside the green hull) is solidifying into nut kernel. Soon... Continue Reading →

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