Mountain Man Rendezvous

" A man finds himself when he finds his history." c e hollis They were a peculiar lot. Men who loved the forests and woodlands, the lakes and rivers, who could live and work alone and survive the rough life of the wilderness. Some followed the Native American's cue and dressed in deer hides and... Continue Reading →

Chickens in the Henhouse

"Chicken in the bread pan picking out dough." Ever heard of Freewill Baptists? Well our chickens are Freewill chickens. They do not prefer the henhouse. They love to roam and even go to the pond for water when they have a perfectly good water spigot in their house. They love running around roaming here and... Continue Reading →

The Sky is Falling

Autumn came and is leaving on her way--dropping her dried notes to the ground. Light a fire against her cold and watch the sky--the wonderful wonderful sky. c e hollis Fall has come and the leaves have colored and fallen--turning and tumbling to the ground. Some cartwheel across the browning grass and catch in the... Continue Reading →

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