Birds of Oklahoma Winter

  Oklahoma with its mild winter is host to many birds. The meadowlark and the cardinals keep busy and wait out spring along with nuthatches and the tiny tufted titmouse. The meadowlark with its yellow chest and belly and its stripes and choir scarf of jet black is my favorite of all the birds. The... Continue Reading →

Dear Summer

.Dear Summer,I feel you coming softly and slowly to an end. With melons ripe in the garden and sunflowers rearing heavy heads are nodding off to sleep in the early afternoon heat. Their leaves like plates seem ready to catch seeds when they begin to drop from their centers.After darkness begins to fall, I will... Continue Reading →


Birds wear feathersWe wish to wear them too.I would like to fly, would you?Pheasant feathers, Peacock plumes so fine.I would choose bright blue for mine.Cardinal's sleek redHummingbird's fluorescent.I would down and wing be lent.Yellow GoldfinchIndigo bunting, blue.I would like feathers, would you?

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