Blue is Not

In wonder-workings  or some bush aflame, Men look for God and fancy him concealed; But in earth's common things he stands revealed  While grass and flowers and stars  spell out his name. Minot Judson Savage     Blue is Not By Elece Hollis   Blue is not a flower color normally. Blue is the ocean on... Continue Reading →

A Thousand Voices

Earth with her thousand voices, praises God. Samuel Taylor ColeridgeOh beautiful sweet scented rosesUnfurling after a rain,At the first glimpse of overdue sunshine,At the soft breathe of God on the wind.Your petals, white as summer clouds,With freckles of pink-pinpoint-pearledYou lift to dance and sing the praisesOf the artist who paints our world. ©2014 Elece Hollis  Find a copy... Continue Reading →

Fields in Summer

The fields are dressed for summerBeneath the broad blue sky,Decked out in every gleeful color,Waving to the passerby!Dancing in the heated windLining ditch and alleySusan with her big brown eyesYellow-skirted—smiling! Native sisters in bright blanketsNod with the summer rhythmsWine, yellow, orange, and redWoven striped and beaded—see them?  Pink Prairie GentiansWith blond sun-washed curls,Are garbed in soft pink... Continue Reading →

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