Blue is Not

In wonder-workings
 or some bush aflame,
Men look for God and fancy him concealed;
But in earth’s common things he stands revealed 
While grass and flowers and stars
 spell out his name.
Minot Judson Savage


Blue is Not
By Elece Hollis
Blue is not a flower color normally.
Blue is the ocean on a still shore. 
Reflecting the sky of a summer day.
Blue is the vase in the windowsill
In Grandma’s kitchen, reserved for violets
Dandelions and other special bouquets.
Blue is berries in a white bowl, 
Sparkled with sugar and peeping from a swirl of cream.
Blue is the color of robin eggs waiting in a nest.
Blue is a newborn baby’s eyes.
Blue is hydrangea.


Like a wheel 
Of one of many covered 
Wagons which
Once lined this old town’s streets
Before bricks paved them
Before substantial buildings 
Took up residence and 
Stores opened
Along them
Heralding Christmas
Never falling, never melting
Sparkling blue at night
Blue starburst
Above a dusty Kansas street
Holding up the bold blue