Canning and freezing garden food for Winter

 Here are my dill pickles canned with hot peppers and garlic just like we like them.

 Tomatoes cooling. After the cool down, I check the seals, remove the rings (these should never be left on), wash the outside of the jars and label before I put them in my pantry.

 Fresh peaches from Livesay Orchards near Porter, Oklahoma.
 Sweet lime pickles. My overall favorite.
 Hot dog relish  is salty and mustard flavored.

 More sweet pickles. I learned to make these from my 
mother-in-law. She was a prolific gardener and canned much.
 Farmer’s market in Muskogee has an awesome array of heirloom tomato varieties.

 Peaches peeled and cut up to freeze.
 Tomatoes in production. These will be wonderful this winter and next spring.

 Cucumber relish is easy to make.
 Sweet lime pickles in soak.

 Peaches for the freezer will make great cobblers all year.