A Morning at Audra’s House

 Surprise! Take my picture, Grandma. Little Grand-girl Madison Dance and twirl I can open it, Grandma! Taylor's pet turtlePretty dishes in the cupboardApples and tomatoes in a wooden dough bowl

Green Apples

When I was a childI loved to climb to hide inMy special apple treeI'd take my book from the librarySettle in the branches happily.Reach above my head and pluckA smooth and shiny light green orb,Bite a green apple, sour, sour,Sour, tart, pucker your mouth sour.Trickle down your throat juicy,Sour, sour, sweet, good!As good as my... Continue Reading →

Pioneer Camp 2011

The pioneer girls with their baskets and babies.Martha ready to peel applesBeautiful Baby EmmaTired little pioneer girlJessie in her pioneer clothes dress and sunbonnet.Making a cornhusk doll.Jacob making butter from cream in a pint jar.Good cooking!Grandma and Ashley getting a turn on the rope swing.Old LanternPrairie Rolling schoolMatthew eating chicken and beans by the campfire.Audra... Continue Reading →

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