Come See!

Come See!By Elece HollisCome see—come join in the song!All earth sings praise to the CreatorWho has from time immemorial Raised His hand and created the seed,The tree, the leaf, the bud, the flowerAnew each day—fresh and beautiful,Bright and color-filled, light-kissed, and sweet-scentedAgain and again—yet never has His paintbrushFailed to make men and angelsGasp and sigh in... Continue Reading →

Master of Artistry Totally Tuesday

The extravagant gesture is the very stuff of creation. Annie DillardMaster of ArtistryI relished bright costumes full of patent pizzazzSkirts and dresses of sparkling jazzWonderful, fantastic, delightful arrayThe sweetest conceptions of  a "dizzy-land" day.However so darling, creative, and brightStill cannot compare to the crafter of lightWho amazes us daily with gorgeous designs,The face of the earth... Continue Reading →

Letter to a Rose Painter

Dear God,I just want to say how much I admire your artwork. Everwhere I look, from children's faces to the bark of trees, to wild animals like the giraffe to the sea shells washed on ocean shores, everywhere are wonderful beautiful things that you have designed. There are waterfalls crafted by your hand. There are... Continue Reading →

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