You're a man, you've seen the world––The beauty and the wonder and the power, The shape of things, their colors, lights and shades, Changes, surprises–– And God made it all!Robert BrowningTimeBy Elece HollisTime for vases of daffodils on the windowsill.Time for filling the hummingbird feeders.Time for sunny warmer days and thunder-stormy evenings.Time for treefrogs singing after rain.Time... Continue Reading →


Graceful dogwoodEach of four petals scared with red like the cross of Jesus. How can the sky be such a perfect blue? Dogwood  flowers like waxen crosses. Centered with a green crownPrecious heart shaped petals whiter than snow and speaking God's love at Easter.

Some of the most beautiful prairie flowers are white.This plant is Common Yarrow, sometimes called Milfoil. White CloverClover and grasses with seeds  Catalpa Blooms Iris White Primrose Clover with seeded grasses, ragweed, yellow hop-clover and Indian Paintbrushes.   Black Locust Dogwood  

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