Cactus Blossom

The Color White By Elece Hollis Spring is yellow forsythia and daffodils, red of tulips, hyacinth purple, white crocus, lilies and all shades of bright. Summer is every color under the sky-blue, it's every shade of green, white clover, and red roses a picket fence. Fall has crimson apples, sunflowers, leaves of orange, yellow, and... Continue Reading →

Life is a Picnic

Life is a Picnic By Elece Hollis          Feeling spooked by the sound of my own footsteps in cavernous room, with it's vacant tables set in evenly-spaced rows, I made my way around the perimeters, raising the brown canvas shades from the tall windows. Light gradually filled the cold room's spaces. On the far... Continue Reading →


Joy is peace dancing, and peace is joy at rest.F.B. MeyerDaydream a spot of Sunrise on a stem—twirling, wavingLike a topaz gemstone on the tip of Solomon's scepterIn the green gush of growing,In the fresh-washed air hung up to dryIn the warm after-rain-noonDaydream a spot ofSyrupy sweetness on a stem—glowing, drippingLike orange sherbet of a child's... Continue Reading →

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