Farewell Summer— Welcome Fall

As the sun is full of light, the ocean full of water; heaven full of glory. So may my heart be full of thee.A Puritan Prayer Farewell Summer—Welcome Fall By Elece HollisBeside a country road,I found a letter from summer thereYou can't miss it; it's everywhereSweet and mellowSinging her goodbyeNodding—swaying in the wind Yellow notes of a fading... Continue Reading →

Autumn in the Air

Between the rails of the garden fenceLeaves have lodged to peaceful sleepThe winter through, quiet, waiting,For spring rain and warm sunTo replace them on the branches overhead And grant them leave toReturn to the soil.

Pink, Red, White

Apple,Your pink satin holds aBlush of deep red andTraces of spring's pale green.Apple,Your red dress hides Underclothes lacelessOver flesh of snowy white.Apple,Your inner core holdsTreasures of future trees inBrown capsules of seeds.

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