The Family Bouquet

The Family Bouquet Nothing beats the surprise of a florist at the door with a beautiful bouquet. My sweet husband sent me a bouquet last week and it was an especially wonderful one. It was made up of roses of several colors: pink, white, and some pinks with white edges. It had a spray of... Continue Reading →

Far from Home

Sycamore leafFar flung from homeAlone now,Without your kin,Among strangers.Free at last, you roam.Caught, not by binding stemTo the home tree;Caught in a new placeLow in the lowly grasses.Sights are foreign.Life is crowded still.You fluttered before;Fought furiouslyFought free; But you didn't know How to fly.Come rest against The wall, the house, The garden gate'Till you find family again.

Tomato Bowl

How many fruits have filled this bowl? How many tomatoes? How many applesWere peeled into it's curves?Golden honey-scented pears?How many green beans were servedWith new potatoes? Sliced sugary peaches?Ears of yellow corn? Savory vegetable soup?How many slices of cantaloupe? Blackberries?I wonder whose bowl it was before it was mine?Did she use it to mix a cakeBatter for... Continue Reading →

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