“I think God’s love is meant to be encountered, received, embraced, even guzzled and gobbled by famished souls, but not necessarily understood.”
Steven James

By Elece Hollis

To the market we go 
To buy zucchini squash and carrots,
Peppers, peaches, tomatoes red as fire engines.
 We go for glads and dahlias to put in a glass pitcher,
To grace the breakfast table,
For fresh baked bread and goat cheese.
To watch a woman weaving baskets, 
Listen to a singer belt out his version of 
Amazing Grace,
To watch a juggler spin plates.  
We are not leaving without being
Inspired by this place, these people, 
Pieces and parts of patterns— 
A patchwork quilt-top.
We won’t leave without thanks
Swelling up in our hearts 
At the sounds, 
Music, voices, laughter, water splashing in the fountain;
 At the sights—the colors, the diversity, the flavors!
We won’t leave without feeding our souls 
A feast of flowers, 
Watching butterflies and dragonflies fly,
And bumblebees bumble.
Without watching gray-suited doves strut on the sidewalks,
Winging to the overhangs of nearby buildings.
 We won’t leave without speaking to God’s children, 
Without drinking in the freshness 
Without looking upward to the blazing blue sky 
Singing Hallelujah!
 Without knowing what a great God
Our God is, 
 Without hearing his eternal message
“I love you,” 
Without hearing His elegant electric voice.


“Life is a church.” David Phelps
© 2014 Elece Hollis, author of Limitless Grace,  available  at Mardel’s or on Amazon
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Farmer’s Market

Colors, tastes, shapes
A work of art
Red, green, purple, green, red, green,
Orange, green, yellow, green, 
Black, green
Green, green, green
Bulbous, round, oval, pointed, curved,
Sweet, tart, hot, mild.
Someone knelt and planted seed.
Someone watered. 
God gave sunlight.
Time, more rain, time.
God sent rain.
A back bent,
A hand harvested.
An artist arranged.