Marketplace"I think God's love is meant to be encountered, received, embraced, even guzzled and gobbled by famished souls, but not necessarily understood."Steven JamesMarketplaceBy Elece HollisTo the market we go To buy zucchini squash and carrots,Peppers, peaches, tomatoes red as fire engines. We go for glads and dahlias to put in a glass pitcher,To grace the breakfast table,For fresh baked bread and... Continue Reading →

Glads for Sale

Gladiolas Glads for sale!Happys for sale!Joys for sale!Wonderful Cheers And Grins for sale!Ohs and Ahs! And Wows for sale!Hoorays! Whoopees! And Hallelujahs! Yes!

Farmer’s Market

Colors, tastes, shapesA work of artRed, green, purple, green, red, green,Orange, green, yellow, green, Black, greenGreen, green, greenBulbous, round, oval, pointed, curved,CylindricalSweet, tart, hot, mild.Someone knelt and planted seed.Someone watered. God gave sunlight.Time, more rain, time.God sent rain.A back bent,A hand harvested.An artist arranged.

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