A Thousand Voices

Earth with her thousand voices, praises God. 
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Oh beautiful sweet scented roses
Unfurling after a rain,
At the first glimpse of overdue sunshine,
At the soft breathe of God on the wind.

Your petals, white as summer clouds,
With freckles of pink-pinpoint-pearled
You lift to dance and sing the praises
Of the artist who paints our world. 

©2014 Elece Hollis  Find a copy with this link:  Limitless Grace .

Meeting Morning

Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.
Psalm 30:5

A garden plot’s a healing spot.
 I know the feel of sod
Was my mother’s way to say,
 “I’ve touched a bit of God.”
 June Masters Bacher

As the years pass, I am coming more and more to understand
 that it is the common everyday blessings 
of our common everyday lives
 for which we should be particularly grateful.
Laura Ingalls Wilder
In the Morning
By Elece Hollis

I meet God in the morning 
when the dew is on the grass
When the sun has just come up 
And a soft breeze trundles past.

I meet Him in the quiet spot 
Beside the garden gate
While the birds come singing-winging,
 He arrives; He’s never late.

I meet Him in the garden rows
 He sends a butterfly to kiss
My shoulder or my hair, my face
 A dew-new greeting I must not miss.

I meet Him as I kneel down
 Plucking peas and pulling weeds
He meets me there and touches me.
 With simple peace, He meets my needs.

I meet God in the morning
He goes with me through the day
 I thank Him for the joy and love
He gifts me with along life’s way.

Have you noticed how many of the flowers and trees have heart-shaped leaves? Could it be that God is saying, “Hey there, somebody loves you!”
C.E. Hollis

The quest for a simpler life is in itself
 an infinite journey toward God.
Wanda Urbanska

©2014 Elece Hollis, author of Limitless Grace,  available  at Mardel’s or on Amazon http://amzn.to/1uEcfUM
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My Fairy Garden

 I heard fairy gardens are very popular this year. “What’s a fairy garden,” I asked?
 They are, or so I hear,
 large container gardens decorated with tiny lawn furniture and trinkets, small plants and vines,
 As a place where the tiny creatures might like to hang out on summer nights. Being an essentially hospitable person, I decided to make a fairy garden for my porch.
I chose an abandoned bird’s nest as a more natural bed for a fairy .
  I gathered some plants with tiny blooms and leaves and some stuff that fairies might like furniture wise or as lawn ornaments, like sea shells, polished stones, and beach glass.
 A miniature fern
 A tinsy variegated ivy
If the rumor is true, fairies will come at night and lounge around in my fairy garden
 and leave me gifts like gold coins, fifty-cent pieces, and other treats.
 I planted a white moon vine that blooms only in the dark of night 
and gives off a sickly-sweet scent to draw special moths. 
I think the fairies will be awestruck!