Appealing Fruit

  "If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe." Carl Sagan     Lattice top pie made from ingredients provided by the inventor of the universe.     This blue bowl was shaped and crafted by a trained potter. This apple was shaped and handcrafted by the... Continue Reading →

Coneflower Prairie Squaredance

 Gather up ladies ! Here we go. Find your partner and dosado! Bow to your lady. Bow to your gent. Circle left and there he went! Throw your chest out and hold your head high! Bow to your partner as he comes by. With an allemande left and an allemande right. Swing your friend in the warm sunlight! Gather her a bouquet,... Continue Reading →

A Tree by the Water

The rain poured down. The gullies and ditches were soon full and water rushed in torrents. A fallen branch washed along the stream and I watched it go—amazed at the power of flowing water. Lightning flashed in huge bolts that television weathermen love to call “deadly” lightning. There is certainly much drama in a storm!... Continue Reading →

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