Who am I?

What people say: My young son says I am a terrible driver.My older son says I am a great cook.My teenage daughter says I am a know-nothing.My grown daughter says I am a genius.My husband says I am a treasure. My mama says I am a brave heart.My dad says I am a good praline maker. My grandson... Continue Reading →

Farm Morning

Walk in dew-soaked grass to the hen house.Lift the door latch.Chickens come squeakingOut to catch bugs in the morning shade.I chose a place in the sun,On the stump by the water pump.A smell of fresh turned earthAnd freshly mown grass meets me.I stop to break stalks of asparagus. Creamed soup for supper. 

Dear Dad,I remember that day at the fair when I was only five-years-old. I lost you and panicked and ran to catch up and grab your hand. Imagine my fright to realize I had chosen the wrong hand! I knew how your hand felt and knew I had erred. Soon I found you and the comfort of... Continue Reading →

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