Buttonhole Attitude

Begonia The begonia on my porch is showing her true colors this week. As each tiny bead of a bud pops itself open; it uncurls into a tiny pale pink bundle like a baby girls's soft crochetted bootie found in the cradle's end––a tiny soft wad. Then the sun beams on it and it unfolds... Continue Reading →


Like a feathered bird Little summer surprise. Wearing a pink tutu, Dancing in the sun and breeze.

Dandelion Dreams

Dandelions are the common connection of children and dreams. c e hollis   Dandelion Dreams  by Elece Hollis Dandelions let us go on wishing and dreaming. Find a wonderful sphere of seeds on miniature parachutes,  Full of mystery and promise, Itself a marvel.  Make a wish. Close your eyes. Blow. Dream a dream. Find another.... Continue Reading →

So Goes the Summer

As summer lingers with overheated days and evening thunderstorms, potted plants pine away as if they are exhausted. The porch swing is too lonely a place, yet a cat volunteers to keep me company. The air is heavy with moisture and heat. It is uncomfortable to sit outside and read; so I stay in under... Continue Reading →

The Doorway

The Doorway By Elece Hollis Stand awhile and study Each door that faces you; Listen just a little To the voices coming through. Watch who passes in before, See who passes back too. Find out where the door may lead; Ask their advice--please do. Seek the mind of Jesus Let Him guide you true, For... Continue Reading →


Winter Surprise by elece hollis It's winter. Days are cold and often the sky is gray, But wherever I roam, wherever my eye looks There is life, beauty, color, design----Signs of a living, breathing, caring, artistic god.

Christmas Cactus  By Elece Hollis She's called a cactus––but has no spines; She speaks between her graceful lines. She isn't fir or coned´pine. At Christmas time. She isn't Poinsettia bright Not Amaryllis––that's alright!  She bows her head––shy––out of sight At Christmas time.   She brightens up the room each year; Comes to bring us all... Continue Reading →

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