Azalea Gardens in Muskogee, Oklahoma

One April morning in Muskogee those azaleas begin to burst open. Everyone has been waiting.Horse drawn carriages carry the park visitors  around to see the park set on the hills west of town.Horses are one of the many happy sights.Ducks and geese are another!Friends stop to rest on one of the docks that surround the... Continue Reading →

Spring is Almost Here

Spring in the MeadowBy Elece HollisThe treetops show a palest green.The iris fronds point straight and clean.The daffodils nod in betweenThe earth and sky.The air above is slate-grey blue;It shines with very different hueThan golden warm when robins flewSouth in the fall.The grass appears about to burstForth from the ground whose long cold thirstIs sated... Continue Reading →

A Snow Job

           The world turned white on Christmas Eve when a blizzard hit Oklahoma. We woke Christmas morning to a few inches of white laid like a blanket over the farm. Everything brown and dead was covered with clean, bright snow that made the farm into a pristine wonderland.Noone went out, except to the barn to give some... Continue Reading →

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