Blazing Stars—Prairie Jewels

Everywhere I find the signature, the autograph of God.Joseph ParkerBlazing StarsBy Elece Hollis Lavender spears waveIn August's super-heated wind,Calling butterfly and beeTo feast the summer's end.Lilac wands swayAbove the prairie grass,Where by day meadowlark singsAnd by night deer quiet pass.Amethyst scepter risesLifted to the wide Oklahoma skyStop here and see the wonder of meBefore you rush... Continue Reading →

Spring is a kiss from God

Spring is always so busy that with change that we often rush through and miss some of the best things–like flowers. In Oklahoma, Ox-eye daisies grow beside the road. Prairie parsley, like firework bursts of bright yellow dance and bow as you pass. Don't pass too fast. Stop and see. A moment in your headlong... Continue Reading →

Oil Lamp

We came through OklahomaOn vacation. I was a child. We ate at the Ruby Dee in Tecumseh.We visited Mama's relatives. Uncle Stony, Aunt BlancheIn a house with no electricity near Grand LakeWe ate supper by oil lamp lightI have loved oil lamps since.

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