Tomato Bowl

How many fruits have filled this bowl? How many tomatoes? How many applesWere peeled into it's curves?Golden honey-scented pears?How many green beans were servedWith new potatoes? Sliced sugary peaches?Ears of yellow corn? Savory vegetable soup?How many slices of cantaloupe? Blackberries?I wonder whose bowl it was before it was mine?Did she use it to mix a cakeBatter for... Continue Reading →

Livesay Orchard Peaches

Oh, what a wonderful way to spend a hot July morning--picking peaches at Livesay Orchards in Porter, Oklahoma! It is an experience to pluck those velvety orbs from the low hanging branches and lay them into the peach boxes. This little boy, Christopher Crow, was there for the first time. He was thrilled.Brenna enjoyed reaching... Continue Reading →

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