Pecan Dreams

“I know for certain that dreams of pecans can keep you awake at night.”c e hollis I have awakened to the sweet scent of toasting pecans wafting through the house like a ghost––a kind ghost, a friendly ghost, a hungry one. I have day dreams of unshelled nuts in bushel baskets, cracked pecans in buckets,... Continue Reading →


Green ovals houseWhite wood At summer's end the husks Dry to brown, then black and split open.The wood turns brown and brittle Nuts drop to the ground.Hands and knees harvest themOn cool November afternoons. Crack the shells and find Pecan pies.

Pecan Growers Convention

Ron, Brenna, and I attended the pecan Growers Convention in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Ardmore is south of Paul's Valley and Turner Falls where our teens went to Bible Camp last week. After church at Faith Baptist in Broken Arrow, we visited with Jordyn, her mom, and brother Kaiden, and Rose and Larry who came by to... Continue Reading →

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