Autumn in the Air

Between the rails of the garden fenceLeaves have lodged to peaceful sleepThe winter through, quiet, waiting,For spring rain and warm sunTo replace them on the branches overhead And grant them leave toReturn to the soil.

Football Flower

Mums make me recall Cold nights and stadium lightsLettered sweaters and Concession stand hot-dogs With Coco-Cola.Mums remind me of homecoming,Of scoreboards flashingHome versus Visitors,Of the Star-Spangled BannerSung by Betty Sue WhiteOne look at a mum and I see N.H.S. in silver glitter.One look and I hear voices cheeringA runner down to the end zone.Touchdown!One look and I hear the band... Continue Reading →

Grandma’s Dolls

Now I am Grandma.Starting into my sixty-first year,I am still my Mama's child.These pieces of simple lifeCornhusk dollsOne a bride in green,One an angel in blue,One a girl wearing a dress with puffed sleevesSpeak to my little girl insideThat I will never be too oldNever need give up play and joy,Will always be Daddy's girl.

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