What Color?

What man has written man may read; But God fills every root and seed With cryptic words, too strangely setFor mortals to decipher yet. CHARLES DALMONWhat Color?by Elece HollisSome colors we cannot define.Here is blue. No red, maybe purple? There is gold of light and white Color bleeds throughLayers itself, bunches upTo make it's heart stronger,Then shies back likeA young... Continue Reading →


MosaicWork of glassLight plaited Candy apple red, Rose, rust, Amber, blue, Green, orange,White, pink zig-zags Woven ribbonsArrows shining Colors inside and out

Wedding Flowers

This bouquet graced a table At the wedding day of my sonAren't they bright and sweetest?Aren't they beautiful and fun?White, the white of wedding gown,White for purity, Pink for joy!Baby's breath is for promises,Blue for the eyes of my boy.

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