Make Music

 “One ought, every day at least, to hear 
a little song, to read a good poem, to see 
a fine picture, and if it were at all possible,
 to speak a few reasonable words.” 
Johann Wolfgang  Von Goethe

Make Music
by Elece Hollis

Make music wherever you go;
That’s generosity.
Tap a rhythm—start the beat;
That’s leadership.

Hum and strum a melody;
That’s encouragement.

Laugh at false starts and off key notes;
That’s grace.

Sing the words out loud and bold;
That’s a gift to the world.

“Then those who sing,
 as well as those who play the flutes, shall say,
 ‘All my springs of joy are in you.'”
 Psalm 87:7

Praises Totally Tuesday

“Praise Him in the morning when you see the sun a’rising
Praise Him in the evening cause He took you through the day.
And in the in between time when you feel the pressure coming,
Remember that He loves and He promises to stay.”
Song lyrics by John Fisher

Hibiscus makes a sweet red tea;

Its bloom is shelter for the bee
Its pods––a singular mystery;
Its petals, softest finery.

Flowers shoot from red-stemmed leaves
With buds—pale pink puffs—like the sleeves
On little girl’s dresses. On summer eves
Open to the falling light achieves

A fragrance from its trumpets wide
Heart resting—with all fears aside
It heaves a convoluted sigh
And sings Hosanna to the sky!

© 2014 Elece Hollis, author of Meet God in the Morning Poems for the Heart of Prayer, with Helen Steiner Rice , with devotionals by Elece