Cactus Blossom

The Color White By Elece Hollis Spring is yellow forsythia and daffodils, red of tulips, hyacinth purple, white crocus, lilies and all shades of bright. Summer is every color under the sky-blue, it’s every shade of green, white clover, and red roses a picket fence. Fall has crimson apples, sunflowers, leaves of orange, yellow, and […]

Hidden Beauty

Hidden Beauty You will find treasures there In the bosom of a rose—In a tulip’s heart Inside the flesh of a lily, a trillium, an iris, A zinnia, all bound up Treasures finer than pure gold  Like gemstones Nestled among velvet wrappings  Hidden deep inside until The sky’s heat-lamp warms it; Rain caresses,  Coaxes petals back;  Colors some out to […]