Blue is Not

In wonder-workings  or some bush aflame, Men look for God and fancy him concealed; But in earth's common things he stands revealed  While grass and flowers and stars  spell out his name. Minot Judson Savage     Blue is Not By Elece Hollis   Blue is not a flower color normally. Blue is the ocean on... Continue Reading →

Farewell Summer— Welcome Fall

As the sun is full of light, the ocean full of water; heaven full of glory. So may my heart be full of thee.A Puritan Prayer Farewell Summer—Welcome Fall By Elece HollisBeside a country road,I found a letter from summer thereYou can't miss it; it's everywhereSweet and mellowSinging her goodbyeNodding—swaying in the wind Yellow notes of a fading... Continue Reading →

Summer’s End

Summer 's EndWhat a sweet time is summer, with picnic-y fun,Lots of long days to bask in the sun,What a wonder the fresh foods we so much enjoyA treat for the each girl and for each smiling boy.What a great time for travel, for trips and vacations,Time to go visit our friends and relations.Summer's the... Continue Reading →

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