Blue is Not

In wonder-workings  or some bush aflame, Men look for God and fancy him concealed; But in earth's common things he stands revealed  While grass and flowers and stars  spell out his name. Minot Judson Savage     Blue is Not By Elece Hollis   Blue is not a flower color normally. Blue is the ocean on... Continue Reading →

Farewell Summer— Welcome Fall

As the sun is full of light, the ocean full of water; heaven full of glory. So may my heart be full of thee.A Puritan Prayer Farewell Summer—Welcome Fall By Elece HollisBeside a country road,I found a letter from summer thereYou can't miss it; it's everywhereSweet and mellowSinging her goodbyeNodding—swaying in the wind Yellow notes of a fading... Continue Reading →

Summer’s End

Summer 's EndWhat a sweet time is summer, with picnic-y fun,Lots of long days to bask in the sun,What a wonder the fresh foods we so much enjoyA treat for the each girl and for each smiling boy.What a great time for travel, for trips and vacations,Time to go visit our friends and relations.Summer's the... Continue Reading →

Dear Summer

.Dear Summer,I feel you coming softly and slowly to an end. With melons ripe in the garden and sunflowers rearing heavy heads are nodding off to sleep in the early afternoon heat. Their leaves like plates seem ready to catch seeds when they begin to drop from their centers.After darkness begins to fall, I will... Continue Reading →

Song and Dance

Sing a song of seasons,Something bright in all,Flowers in the summer;Fires in the fall.Robert Louis StevensonSong and DanceBy C. Elece HollisCome Summer late with marigolds, with zinnias, and with cosmosSplash the green with colors like the sunset from the hillCome Summer, sing of Autumn—prepare us for her visitLet us store up warmth and light within... Continue Reading →

Fields in Summer

The fields are dressed for summerBeneath the broad blue sky,Decked out in every gleeful color,Waving to the passerby!Dancing in the heated windLining ditch and alleySusan with her big brown eyesYellow-skirted—smiling! Native sisters in bright blanketsNod with the summer rhythmsWine, yellow, orange, and redWoven striped and beaded—see them?  Pink Prairie GentiansWith blond sun-washed curls,Are garbed in soft pink... Continue Reading →


Joy is peace dancing, and peace is joy at rest.F.B. MeyerDaydream a spot of Sunrise on a stem—twirling, wavingLike a topaz gemstone on the tip of Solomon's scepterIn the green gush of growing,In the fresh-washed air hung up to dryIn the warm after-rain-noonDaydream a spot ofSyrupy sweetness on a stem—glowing, drippingLike orange sherbet of a child's... Continue Reading →


CantaloupeMusky bouquet of garden,Smell of fresh-turned soil,Fragrance of spring rain,Whiff of orange and yellow butterflies,Perfume of a gardener's prayers,Scent of sunshine,Essence of heat.Stop and smell a cantaloupe.It is summer.


Yellow and blue,Sunshine and sky,Sailboats on water.Cranker ice cream Served in sherbet glasses At Grandma's porch table. Summer past Where are you? Drifting on a summer breeze Through my memory.

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