Farewell Summer— Welcome Fall

As the sun is full of light, the ocean full of water; heaven full of glory. So may my heart be full of thee.A Puritan Prayer Farewell Summer—Welcome Fall By Elece HollisBeside a country road,I found a letter from summer thereYou can't miss it; it's everywhereSweet and mellowSinging her goodbyeNodding—swaying in the wind Yellow notes of a fading... Continue Reading →

Dear Summer

.Dear Summer,I feel you coming softly and slowly to an end. With melons ripe in the garden and sunflowers rearing heavy heads are nodding off to sleep in the early afternoon heat. Their leaves like plates seem ready to catch seeds when they begin to drop from their centers.After darkness begins to fall, I will... Continue Reading →


Sunflowers, you face the sunlightAt sunset gently bow your headsReverent, you know where strength comes from.You bloom where you are planted In a ditch or in a garden fairYou endure the heat.Yes, relish it!Bring joy everywhere.

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