Life is a Picnic

Life is a Picnic By Elece Hollis          Feeling spooked by the sound of my own footsteps in cavernous room, with it's vacant tables set in evenly-spaced rows, I made my way around the perimeters, raising the brown canvas shades from the tall windows. Light gradually filled the cold room's spaces. On the far... Continue Reading →

A Morning at Audra’s House

 Surprise! Take my picture, Grandma. Little Grand-girl Madison Dance and twirl I can open it, Grandma! Taylor's pet turtlePretty dishes in the cupboardApples and tomatoes in a wooden dough bowl

Farm Morning

Walk in dew-soaked grass to the hen house.Lift the door latch.Chickens come squeakingOut to catch bugs in the morning shade.I chose a place in the sun,On the stump by the water pump.A smell of fresh turned earthAnd freshly mown grass meets me.I stop to break stalks of asparagus. Creamed soup for supper. 

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