What is the Sky?

“A beautiful sky--a beautiful blue--is a dream come true and a call to peace.” c e hollis A Scroll With God's writing His calligraphy Scrawled across unlined paper. A Book Written with the ink of love He reads to me Morning, noon and night. A Letter From His heaven that lands In my mailbox Addressed... Continue Reading →

Wonderful Words

Words wake us. They make or break us. Words have power to build up or to tear down. c e hollis All through my house I find words Words to direct me and words to guide those who live here in the good way to live. "The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word... Continue Reading →

Farm Animals

"The pets and livestock added to the wildlife make the farm a living breathing place--A place filled with life like the Peaceble kingdom." c e hollis A farm needs dogs and cats to stand guard and to rid the homeplace of vermin. Our dogs bark everything that moves- at the mailman and at any thing... Continue Reading →

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