When Autumn Comes

“We live in a world that is constantly changing so we too must change.” When autumn comes the days will be shorter. There will be cool days when the wind is cold and from the north. Fall is so so welcome and wonderful. Leaves will tremble in the breeze stutter and pull loose. They will... Continue Reading →

Oklahoma Birds

The birds of the air and the beasts of the field delight man, yet man does not realize the delight he himself brings to God.c e hollis I awaken early and the birds are busy preening. Their feathers must be unruffled and clean so as to protect them from cold, snow, wind, and rain. If... Continue Reading →

The Promise of Peonies

“We are a people in need of promise, in need of hope, in need of miracles. We are a people hungry for God, to see His hand, to hear His voice, to know Him.”c e hollis There is nothing that makes us feel more alive than finding a flower blooming, hearing the cry of a... Continue Reading →

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