Cactus Blossom

The Color White By Elece Hollis Spring is yellow forsythia and daffodils, red of tulips, hyacinth purple, white crocus, lilies and all shades of bright. Summer is every color under the sky-blue, it's every shade of green, white clover, and red roses a picket fence. Fall has crimson apples, sunflowers, leaves of orange, yellow, and... Continue Reading →

A Thousand Voices

Earth with her thousand voices, praises God. Samuel Taylor ColeridgeOh beautiful sweet scented rosesUnfurling after a rain,At the first glimpse of overdue sunshine,At the soft breathe of God on the wind.Your petals, white as summer clouds,With freckles of pink-pinpoint-pearledYou lift to dance and sing the praisesOf the artist who paints our world. ©2014 Elece Hollis  Find a copy... Continue Reading →

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