Snow on the Farm

Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow. Snow blanketed the world while I watched the miracle from my window. What had been the brown and dry lawn and the black skeletons of an Oklahoma winter landscape became a dazzlingly bright wonderland. The grays of yet another bland uninteresting day became awesome in beauty.... Continue Reading →

Calving Season on the Farm

“To live on a farm is to know renewal, restoration, new life, new beginnings.” It is calving season on the farm and now we check our cows several times a day to see who is close. We watch for signs of milk coming in. A full bag and a mama cow who keeps to herself... Continue Reading →

Spring Fog and Fire on the Farm

“ Fog comes and wraps the trees with a baby’s soft white blanket. God swaddles the earth in hope.” Fog rises from the creek bed. It lifts off the farm ponds and creeps across the terra firma. It blankets the garden plot, hides fences, and camouflages the line of farm equipment parked along the north... Continue Reading →

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