Holiday Pies from the Farm Kitchen

“ The smells of sweetness and spices, butter, fruit and nuts baked into desserts can wing me in seconds back to my childhood and tables set for holiday dinners.”c e hollis Pecan and pumpkin for Thanksgiving Day. Pecans from our orchard make for plenty of holiday goodies, candies, cakes and pies. I love pecans. They... Continue Reading →

Home Baking Day

“When Jesus walked the earth He knew the power of sharing food. He knew that breaking bread—sitting together for a meal—built relationships and strong kinship.”c e hollis Cinnamon Scones are a quick bread and add some glamour just by their name to a tea time or a cup of coffee with friends. Here is how... Continue Reading →

Bountiful Goodness

"How bountifully God deals to us the wonderfulgoodness from the earth."c.e. hollisPeaches The  simplest of foods we tend to take for granted and forget how He cares for us each day.

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