What is the Sky?

“A beautiful sky--a beautiful blue--is a dream come true and a call to peace.” c e hollis A Scroll With God's writing His calligraphy Scrawled across unlined paper. A Book Written with the ink of love He reads to me Morning, noon and night. A Letter From His heaven that lands In my mailbox Addressed... Continue Reading →


We are fools who are impressed with mankind’s paltry accomplishments and yet overlook the awesome miracles of God’s creation. c. e. hollis The frost was beautiful this morning after the sun came tiptoeing up over the tree line. It sparkled like a thin white tablecloth with lacy parts and a texture that you want to... Continue Reading →


With the glories of sunrises and sunsets only the beginning—only the opening notes—the sky sings. It swirls with color, movement of wind and clouds, bird flight, starlight, moonshine. It prances with flowers, swaying moving shade trees, fluttering falling autumn leaves, snowflakes and drifting clouds. We flinch at lightning bolts in a rain storm and exalt... Continue Reading →

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