Long Days of Summer

"The garden looks as rumpled as clothes left in the dryer too long." June Masters Bacher Lazy summer days drone on with temps so hot you can barely stand up outside. One hundred degrees every day for weeks on end the sun beating down and a breeze of super-heated air. Dust billows up from the... Continue Reading →

White Light Flowers

Camelia "White is bright and pure because it reflects all light around it."c e hollis Crocus is the precursor of spring. It pushes its bloom up through ice and snow on the first hints of warm weather coming. White roses are like summer clouds on stems. What wonderful softness. Easter lilies spring open like the... Continue Reading →

Visit to Guthrie

Ron and I had a nice few days in Guthrie this July. It was very hot and dusty with temps in the hundreds. We stayed cool visiting the Territorial Museum as well as many historical buildings downtown. We went into the Carnegie Library and bought some old time-y goodies at the Licorice Man candy store.... Continue Reading →

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