Walk in Winter

When my soul is worn and weary a walk in the woods and fields renews my strength.c e hollis When my soul is weary a walk in the winter woods will bring refreshment and healing. I love to stand and listen to the trees as they sigh and breath in the wind. Birds in the... Continue Reading →

Fire from Chainsaw to Stove

“A fire in the woodstove on a cold clear day, on a rain drenched storming night or on a frosty snow day is a mighty comfort to the body and to the soul.”c e hollis Trees––how I love them! I grew up in my daddy's world. He was a forester and tree farmer. I knew... Continue Reading →

Hydrangeas at Muskogee

“God created man to garden and when he does, it is wonderful to behold.”c e hollis The Azalea Garden Honor Heights Park in Muskogee Oklahoma is one of my favorite places. The horticulturists there keep something blooming there year round. During Christmas is the only exception but they opt for Christmas music and light shows... Continue Reading →

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