Pecan Orchard Work and Rewards

“There is no return in an endeavor without first there is education and effort.” c.e.hollis Those of you who enjoy reading about our farm may like to hear about how we work and harvest a pecan crop so this post I’ll be sharing some of the how-to. This week starts the actual shaking of the […]

For I have Smelled the Night-Blooming Cereus

Read this stanza of a sweet flower poem I found in an old cookbook. God has been good to me, for I have smelled  Night-blooming cereus on starlit hedges- And waxen-white gardenias, which swelled With fragrance, blossoming on window-ledges.   From: God Has Been Good to Me By Frances Parkinson Keyes I have smelled a […]

What is Heaven Like ?

“When one pictures heaven, he sees a grand-maned lion and carefree innocent children running and playing in open sunlit meadows of sweet grasses among untold numbers of windblown wildflowers.” c.e.hollis I cannot tell you what heaven will be like. Ideas of heaven are as varied as the flowers on the face of the planet. But […]