Farm Animals to Love

“Sweet animal faces we grow to love whether pets or livestock. They make the farm a place full of life.” There is nothing quite as endearing as a baby animal's face. We love them––from calves to colts, chicks and kittens, puppies and bunnies. It is easy to love a newbie, but what about later when... Continue Reading →

Petunia Power

“The power of petunia is the power to delight and to bring joy out of simplicity. True friends are like that.”c e hollis A trumpet that grows in all colors to delight the heart and the eye. Petunias are an old flower and beloved by many. They are a hardy plant but fragile and sweet.... Continue Reading →

Home Baking Day

“When Jesus walked the earth He knew the power of sharing food. He knew that breaking bread—sitting together for a meal—built relationships and strong kinship.”c e hollis Cinnamon Scones are a quick bread and add some glamour just by their name to a tea time or a cup of coffee with friends. Here is how... Continue Reading →

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