Pecan Season

Homemade candies, cookies and pies say home Sweet home. They say love, Christmas, and memories. c e hollis Pecan caramel to roll around fondant for pecan logs. Nothing is so nice as homemade candy at Christmas. Nothing is so sweet as fresh pastries or cookies, as fruitcake and puddings. The treats of the holidays. How... Continue Reading →

A New Day

When the old passes away it makes room for the new.c e hollis I watched the leaf float by on the river’s brown surface and though it was still yellow and bright from its summer's visit on a tree I knew it would drift until it caught somewhere and then slowly sink. I watched it... Continue Reading →

Bethlehem Sky

God speaks to us in the sky––the sunlit blue, the dark storm, summer, winter, night, and noon. His hand is there and His voice.c e hollis On a summer day the sky is blue––cumbered with billowy white clouds that move in a continual dance across the expanse. Birds wing their way across the sky and... Continue Reading →

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