The Woods Are Lovely Dark and Deep

“Better is a neighbor who is near than a brother who is far away.” Proverbs 27:10b "The woods are lovely dark and deep," words from Robert Frost's beloved poem Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening. Tonight there was no snow. None this evening or this morning or yesterday, even though snow was forecast.... Continue Reading →

Meadowlark Song

Meadowlark up on the fenceWould you sing for fifty cents?I only sing for free, says he,For life is good and sweet to me.c e hollis My childhood was idyllic. It was sweet. I know because my mother sang. She sang in the kitchen when she cooked for her large family. She sang while she hung... Continue Reading →

Flowers of Winter

"God is in every season generous, kind, good, and beautiful." c e hollis When winter sets in and the cold and drear keeps us in, the flowers of summer cheer me. Through the wonder of photography and the beauty of memory I can enjoy my summer flowers again and again. When the wind wuthers the... Continue Reading →

The Starry Night Sky

"There is nothing like the immensity of the sky to show us tiny humans our place in the universe or to show us our great worth in the heart of God."c e hollis Photo by Noah Silliman courtesy of I rode with Ron tonight out to feed the cows (I hope to become more... Continue Reading →

Ancient and Almost Gone

"As the years pass and the old must make way for the new so the aged begin to wilt and with their passing make way for the future generations." c.e.hollis I cannot pass a ruin. I cannot pass by an old abandoned farmhouse or church with unpainted steeple. I cannot see a listing barn––weathered and... Continue Reading →

Winter is Orchid Time

"As a plant that grows and rests on its host so I depend on You, my God, Creator and host of the planet earth, for all of my life's needs."c.e. hollis Orchids are a winter flower. When the days are overcast, snow blown and cold here it is spring in the southern hemisphere and the... Continue Reading →

Autumn Afield

The sun setting over the water runs like a golden thread through the needle that sews the seasons into the quilt of the year. The days are shorter in the fall. Trees daily losing their leaves, flowers fading, grass turning brown. Soon all becomes brown and barren, looking and worse with all the junk and... Continue Reading →

Pecan Orchard Work and Rewards

"There is no return in an endeavor without first there is education and effort."c.e.hollis A Bushel of Reward––Pecans picked up by hand take some time but the work is rewarding. I enjoy sitting under a tree on a sunny but cool November day and filling baskets with the nuts. Pecan Honey Pie is a family... Continue Reading →

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