Early Summer Farm Days

“When God created Adam, He set him to be the first farmer in the beautiful Garden of Eden. Man didn't want the job. So sad.”c e hollis Life on the farm is a coveted lifestyle these days. Many city dwellers dream of the peaceful independent life of a farmer and his wife. They dream of... Continue Reading →

The Field Flowers

“From palest pinks and yellows to deepest reds and purples God enbues all the world with color to delight our eyes, to show His wonder and His glory and to say He cares.” The iris raise stems like arrows from their green sword leaves. The buds are arrowheads of color. Like the pointy tips of... Continue Reading →

Remembering Mama

I give you a story from my book Life With Mama which I am remembering this mother's Day. I wish Mama was still alive so I could tell her how much we all love her, but this year I will share about her with this story called Family Table.I hope you enjoy it. See the... Continue Reading →

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