White Rose

“White reflects all colors and keeps itself plain,  white and pure. White is a beautiful color, isn't it?” c. e. hollis I find that I tell the lovely, the beautiful, and the good in my life and avoid writing about some of things that aren't so happy and sweet. I want to be authentic in... Continue Reading →

Trip to The City

“ Home is spending time with the one God made for you to love.”c e hollis Ron and I made trip to Oklahoma City to celebrate our forty-seven years together. We got married after meeting and dating at LeTourneau College in Longview, Texas. Our wedding was in Lincoln, Nebraska where my parents lived at the... Continue Reading →

In My Mind’s Eye

“The wonder of the human mind is that it can envision what it does not see.”c e hollis Through my dream's eye I can imagine things that do not exist. I can envision things and places I have read about or merely heard another person tell about. I can look back through my memories and... Continue Reading →

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