Girl of my Heart

Dear Sweet Jordyn, Girl of my heart, I love you so much! We did have a great adventure this summer going on a jet plane all the way to San Diego to visit your Daddy. Wasn't it fun?  You have beautiful dark eyes like your Daddy!You are so full of fun. So super silly.You played dress-up in a store and made... Continue Reading →

Farmer’s Market

Colors, tastes, shapesA work of artRed, green, purple, green, red, green,Orange, green, yellow, green, Black, greenGreen, green, greenBulbous, round, oval, pointed, curved,CylindricalSweet, tart, hot, mild.Someone knelt and planted seed.Someone watered. God gave sunlight.Time, more rain, time.God sent rain.A back bent,A hand harvested.An artist arranged.

Exploring Muskogee

I have found a sweet place to stop and relax in Muskogee! It is called Harmony House -  Eatery and Bakery. The tables are covered with bright old fashioned tablecloths and the settings mix and match like the salt and pepper shakers. The proprietress has created a charming little hideaway in the front rooms of... Continue Reading →

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