Girl of my Heart

Dear Sweet Jordyn, Girl of my heart, 
I love you so much! We did have a great adventure this summer 
going on a jet plane all the way to San Diego to visit your Daddy. 
Wasn’t it fun? 
 You have beautiful dark eyes like your Daddy!

You are so full of fun. So super silly.
You played dress-up in a store and made the proprietors laugh.

 Here you are with your handsome daddy or is that your silly daddy?.

 I rest my case! I guess you came by the silliness naturally! That was a fun day in Julian.

Here is a run in the sun on the mountain trail.

 Your Grandpa may be part of the silly problem!

 Three generations! Mama, son, and grandgirl.

 Miss Movie Star with your fancy fan!

 Riding in Daddy’s snazzy car. Well, really just sitting in a parking lot in his snazzy car
 You were playing parade beauty Queen
 You never stay bored. A long trip in the car and you played dress-up. 
Are those undies on your head?
 You had a blast playing in the surf!
 Didn’t you love the ocean? I did. Here is our sand castle.

 Remember we ate at a fancy seafood place, The Vera Cruz Fish House, and your food came
 on a fish-shaped plate.

 You tasted the shrimp and said, “Ahhh – Heaven on a plate!”

Still can’t believe this tree!

 Such a wonderful huge tree we found at Carlsbad!

 You played with your little sister Lilly. She is so cute and precious.

She liked having a big sister!

 Your daddy took you to SeaWorld and you tried to pet the dolphins!

Ate on a pirate ship with seagulls all around!
 Got tired and almost cried once, but you know how to control yourself.
Make your face say ” Happy”.
 Petted the Manta Rays and explored the aquariums.

 We went to the ocean again and played and played in the foamy waves. 
You tried to trick me by saying the waves are made by a chemical 
called Hydrogen-Copoxide. How do you come up with that stuff?

What happiness on your face!
Whoo Hooooooo!
 Oh! Wasn’t the ocean the most fun ever!

You said, “They don’t have oceans like this back in Oklahoma!”

I wish we did. Don’t you?

 You explored the airports San Diego, Tulsa and Denver.

 You read to your baby sister. She was impressed!

 Dived like an Olympian in Dad’s pool.

 Visited the base, Camp Pendleton where your dad works and the memorial.

 You played that you were the center of the universe!

 Climbing trees is one of your hobbies. Found another big one at Camp Pendleton!

 Beach with Daddy!

 GLORIOUS , wasn’t it? And SOOOO COLD!

 You found seaweed and sand crabs.

 Swam in Dad’s pool all week.

 The desert world was all new to us. We explored at the Temecula Rose Gardens.

 What a view! What a sight!
 More Sister Time.
 At Balboa Park you explored museums and gardens.
Here you are in the Japanese Gardens, prettier than any of the flowers.

 You and your Dad at Balboa Botanical Gardens.

 You played with the birds and I think the bird man startled you when he put one on your head!

 We bought vendor hotdogs and ate a picnic lunch.

Posed with huge creepy marionette puppets!

 And rode on a bejeweled dragon’s head!

You were a princess with a hibiscus flower in your hair. 

You turned California Up-Side-Down! 

You turn Grandma’s heart up-side-down too. 

I love you, sweet girl,

                                                                                                            Love you,
 Grandma Elece

Published by Elece

I am a photographer and a freelance writer. I write stories, poetry, gift books, and magazine articles––both print and online. Photographing children, places, and especially flowers is my hobby.

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