A Seed of Curiosity

A Seed of CuriosityBy Elece HollisThere on the concrete park benchA seed—round and dark like a black pearl In a brown sea shell pod.Pungent as a bead of spice—clove?Where did you come from, Little Seed, In your brown paper wrapper?I hear a soft rattling, shimmery sound like Dry pasta in a cardboard box.The wind moves branches of a... Continue Reading →

East Texas Morning

Not without design does God write the music of our lives. Be it ours to learn the tune, and not be dismayed at the rests.~ John RuskinOn a bright hot Texas morningYou can hear the bees a-buzzingCicadas blend their voicesWith the rustling of the leavesThe pine tree's nighttime whisper hasBecome a soft, brushed rhythmWildflowers dance beside the... Continue Reading →

Piece of Sky

A pie slice of blue skyShows through the Hollow trunk of a treeSunlight brightening thePlaces whereWoodpeckers chiseled holes,Bees welded combs to fill with Sweet honey,  Squirrels hid nutsAnd slept through snowy weatherCurled in cozy darkness. 

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