Fishing Fun!

Mr. Dolan's watershed lake is a favorite fishing spot. He free-heartedly allows us to come and bring friends to fish there. It is a shady peaceful spot. The Parks family visited us last weekend and we all went down to fish. The crappie and the white perch were biting. Everything went along fine. It was hot... Continue Reading →

Signs of Home

Signs are everywhere, even in the country. In small towns and along country roads, signs point our way and letter our worlds. Have you seen these signs? Can you tell where I live? Some irresponsible person shot this sign full of holes that have rusted, still I like this one. It is a good landmark. This sign... Continue Reading →

A Tree by the Water

The rain poured down. The gullies and ditches were soon full and water rushed in torrents. A fallen branch washed along the stream and I watched it go—amazed at the power of flowing water. Lightning flashed in huge bolts that television weathermen love to call “deadly” lightning. There is certainly much drama in a storm!... Continue Reading →

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