Signs of Home

Signs are everywhere, even in the country. In small towns and along country roads, signs point our way and letter our worlds. Have you seen these signs? Can you tell where I live? 
Some irresponsible person shot this sign full of holes that have rusted, still I like this one. It is a good landmark. This sign is three miles from my house along Highway 16.

This old farm is located along a gravel road about nine miles northwest of my home. Seeing the way it has grown up, I think no one lives there anymore. A old house or barn is hidden back in the tangle.
This sign points west of highway 52. Margaret loves the horse statue because it reminds her of a horse she owned and named Princess. Many of the cattle and horse ranches in my part of Oklahoma have signs like this one with animal figures adorning them.
This sign shows how a gravel road running from highway 75 to highway 52 
cannot be traveled during the rainy spring.
Watson Ranch is about eight miles west and a mile south of our house.
 Have you seen this sign? Do you know where I live yet? 
I always wonder who painted the ivy on this sign for Liberty Church. 
Do you know?
Always a beautiful piece of prairie to pass by, this field is unfenced and ready for dove hunters. 
The lopsided, hand-lettered sign is along Highway 52 west of my home.
These two signs are giveaway clues. One is on a store 14 miles from my house. The other is 12 miles. 
Haven’t you seen these signs?
This sign is missing a few letters, but it stills shows that people here love baseball!
This sign is out front of a small green frame house, built on the southeast corner of a cattle ranch. 
I love the name of this place: Clearview Ranch. It is a good name because a person can see 
for miles across the prairie here. 
I pass this sign when I go into town.  
One word gives a clue to my home place. Howard.

My front yard. Have you seen it? The driveway,the gate, the lone redbud tree?
This place is referred to by the neighbors as the Howard Farm.
There are signs even in the peaceful countryside far from trains, traffic jams, and city lights. I love living in the country with room to breathe and space to roam, and a view of the vast blue sky. This is home.
When God saved humanity through Noah and the ark, he told Noah that a rainbow was a sign 
of his promise to man. (See Genesis 9:13-16).
Later, God sent his son Jesus to earth. In Luke 2: 11-12,  He says “This shall be a sign to you; You will find the baby wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger.” Those two great signs are more important to us than all the signs we will encounter in this world, because to find Jesus and to find the promise of life
is to find home.

Published by Elece

I am a photographer and a freelance writer. I write stories, poetry, gift books, and magazine articles––both print and online. Photographing children, places, and especially flowers is my hobby.

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