The Skies Drip with Dew

      The Lord by wisdom founded the earth, by understanding He established the heavens.     By His knowledge the deeps are broken up and the skies drip with dew. Proverbs 3: 19-20   Write the Sky Oh, that I could write the sky, That I could paint a flower. It would be... Continue Reading →


"Walking in the garden of a friend is like visiting her soul." c e hollis     "One is nearer God's heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth." Dorothy Frances Gurney


Of A Summer Morning  By Elece Hollis Out in the fields where meadowlark goes, Bright paintbrushes stand on the tips of their toes. Butterflies––yellow ones, white, orange, and black Weave melodies over the grasses and back.   Out in the woods where the tanager sings Luna moth travels on gossamer wings. Timid mouse peeps from... Continue Reading →

day one

day one by elece hollis the unflolding, the beginning,  the opening, the start, the budding, the unfurling, the uncurling, the blooming, the unveiling, the commencement, embarking, the birthing, the dawning, the onset, the outset, the springing, the up-and-coming!  

The Doorway

The Doorway By Elece Hollis Stand awhile and study Each door that faces you; Listen just a little To the voices coming through. Watch who passes in before, See who passes back too. Find out where the door may lead; Ask their advice--please do. Seek the mind of Jesus Let Him guide you true, For... Continue Reading →


Winter Surprise by elece hollis It's winter. Days are cold and often the sky is gray, But wherever I roam, wherever my eye looks There is life, beauty, color, design----Signs of a living, breathing, caring, artistic god.

Christmas Cactus  By Elece Hollis She's called a cactus––but has no spines; She speaks between her graceful lines. She isn't fir or coned´pine. At Christmas time. She isn't Poinsettia bright Not Amaryllis––that's alright!  She bows her head––shy––out of sight At Christmas time.   She brightens up the room each year; Comes to bring us all... Continue Reading →

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