Trip to The City

“ Home is spending time with the one God made for you to love.”c e hollis Ron and I made trip to Oklahoma City to celebrate our forty-seven years together. We got married after meeting and dating at LeTourneau College in Longview, Texas. Our wedding was in Lincoln, Nebraska where my parents lived at the... Continue Reading →

In My Mind’s Eye

“The wonder of the human mind is that it can envision what it does not see.”c e hollis Through my dream's eye I can imagine things that do not exist. I can envision things and places I have read about or merely heard another person tell about. I can look back through my memories and... Continue Reading →

Pink Magnolia––Poetry in Motion

“The most ordinary and least ornate of trees is vast proof of the existence and creative work of God. How much more the magnificent magnolia?”c e hollis The pink buds like buttons form on each new branch and twig. They reach straight up to find the sun in the cold air above. Every clear day... Continue Reading →

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